SSD Advisory – Axigen HTML Attachments Cross Site Scripting

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Axigen is a Linux mail server, calendaring and collaboration 100% private, highly available and scalable messaging solution.
Vulnerability Details
The vulnerability is in the “actions.hsp” file that is responsible for visualizing certain attachments. The problem occurs because this file enables arbitrarily execution of JavaScript. Not only that, the application “by default” runs the attachment in the same domain so many other more complex attacks.

The attack is done by creating an HTML file with a simple script for example:

<script> alert (1) </ script> <- this script works in all browsers.

You can generate it with notepad, in fact you can also add a blank and a false extension to make it more “attractive”
Save the file, send it with a mail service such as, Google mail:
And the result is this, open the attachment and it will run the XSS:
A single CVE entry has been assigned to this vulnerability: CVE-2015-5379
Vendor Response
The vendor response was exceptionally good, their response time and issuing of the patch has taken them less than 1 month:

Axigen’s WebMail Ajax interface implements a view attachment function that executes javascript code that is part of email HTML attachments. This allows a malicious user to craft email messages that could expose an Axigen WebMail Ajax user to cross site scripting or other attacks that rely on arbitrary javascript code running within a trusted domain.
Axigen versions starting with 9.0 address this issue by limiting the attachment types that are loaded in the browser. For earlier Axigen versions patches are available on the Axigen support
Affected Products and Versions: Axigen Mail Server 8.x versions
Vendor Internal ID: AXI-CVE-20150601
Vendor security advisory : Ajax WebMail 8.x security patch (CVE-2015-5379)


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