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With more than 15 years of vulnerabilities and disclosures experience, we see our community as a long-term investment. We provide the tools, knowledge and experience required to find more vulnerabilities/advanced attack vectors and discover innovative ways to exploit them.

Quick handling

When a vulnerability is found, it needs to get into the right hands quickly. Our team of experts are always standing by to help friendly hackers disclose vulnerabilities to any organization.

Generous rewards

We believe researchers efforts should be compensated with higher rewards. Even if a vendor doesn’t accept disclosures, we are still interested in acquiring the vulnerability and reporting it.

Done discreetly

We take the privacy of our researchers very seriously and will never disclose any information to third parties (Customers included). A lot of our researchers also choose to stay anonymous.

Our Scope

Our targets of interest include various Operating systems, Web browsers, Readers, Web Hosting Control Panels, CMS, Network Management Systems, Mailservers, Git Servers and many others

Operating systems:
Linux (RCE and PE)

Mobile Applications:
Facebook Messenger
And many others

iOS (PE from within the Sandbox)


Web Browsers:
Chrome (RCE or SBX)
Firefox (RCE)

Web Hosting
Control Panel:
And many others

Our Story


Explore our latest disclosures

SSD Advisory – macOS Finder RCE

Find out how a vulnerability in macOS Finder system allows remote attackers to trick users into running arbitrary commands.

SSD Advisory – NETGEAR D7000 Authentication Bypass

Find out how a vulnerability in NETGEAR D7000 device allows remote unauthenticated users to reveal the ‘admin’ password used to login to the admin web interface of the product. NOTE: The vendor states that multiple other devices are also vulnerable.

SSD Advisory – Samsung S10+/S9 kernel 4.14 (Android 10) Kernel Function Address (.text) and Heap Address Information Leak

Find out how a vulnerability discovered in Samsung S10+/S9 kernel allows leaking of sensitive function address information.

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    TyphoonCon focuses on highly technical offensive security issues such as vulnerability discovery, advanced exploitation techniques and reverse engineering.  
    Following recent developments worldwide relating to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to cancel TyphoonCon 2020.
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