Hack2Win – 2nd Day and Summary

At the end of day 2 we had a total of 11 people taking place in the hacking contests, with about 30 people watching them hack live. Thank you all!
I’d like to especially mention the skilled security researchers from Korea, who were the ultimate winners of this contest by finding the most impressive vulnerability as selected by the judges.
As a group they were awarded 1st place and won the cash prize.
We are already thinking about next year’s event. It might be fun to change from IP Cameras to other consumer electronics. The IP cameras were not much of a challenge this year with 2 out of the 3 getting hacked, the 3rd getting totally ‘bricked’, not even working after factory reset.
We will keep you posted on the vendor reaction to these vulnerabilities, with updates on fixes they post and of course additional information on what were the researcher’s findings.
Until next year!


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