TyphoonCon Challenge 2019

During TyphoonCon 2019 we held an open contest which involved a specially crafted binary program we provided. The goal of the contest was to code a program which, when launched, interacts with the challenge program via network traffic and obtains the hidden message: “TyphoonCon 2019 Get this string first!”.
The winners where chosen based on the time they submitted a fully working solution which included the following:

  1. Documentation of the attack flow used in their program
  2. Code which utilizes network communication between itself and the challenge program

The challenge was not an easy one, and it involved several techniques which required experienced security experts use, making it non-trivial and highly challenging.
Eventually, three final winners were announced:

  • First Place: Niklas Breitfeld @brymko
  • Second Place: Tom Dohrmann @13Erbse
  • Third Place: Peace-Maker @jhartung10

You can get the challenge and the full writeups of the three winners on our Github.com repository here:
TyphoonCon Challenge 2019 – Github Repository

Thank you for participating, see you soon in our next challenge!
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