beVX Conference Challenge – OffensiveCon

During the event of OffensiveCon, we launched a reverse engineering and encryption challenge and gave the attendees the change to win great prizes. The challenge was divided into two parts, a file – can be downloaded from here: https://www.beyondsecurity.com/bevxcon/bevx-challenge-1 – that you had to download and reverse engineer and server that you had to access …

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Happy New Year 2018 – Challenge Solution

In our post found here: https://blogs.securiteam.com/index.php/archives/3616, we hid a challenge. The challenge was split into two parts: 1. Finding it 2. Solving it Finding it wasn’t very hard, the challenge was hidden inside the image, it wasn’t anything fancy, just inside the image you had a zip file appended to the end of the file: …

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DefCamp Romania 2016

We recently participated in DefCamp conference Romania. It’s our third time sponsoring this conference (!) and first time to attended. Because it was the first time participated in person, we also sponsored the CTF competition and of course – we sponsored the flights, conference entry and accommodation to our community security researchers! that attended. The …

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HITB 2016 PHP Challenge Write Up

UPDATE: I got word that rileykidd has posted his own write-up, if you would like to see another solution go to: http://rileykidd.com/2016/06/09/hack-in-the-box-2016-misc400-writeup-part-1/ The following is a write-up on our Hack in the Box 2016 PHP Challenge that was part of the CTF. The CTF’s goal was to give researchers and security researcher (as CTF was …

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