Orbita RFID Locks

A RFID lock, also called the IC card lock, is an electronic lock adopting the radio frequency card as the key. With the RFID technology, the radio frequency card can be contactless to open the lock while the old-style contactable card requires the physical contact with a reader

Orbita is one of the reputable card operated lock and hotel locking systems manufactures for the hospitality industry. More than 20,000 hotels, service apartments, resorts, university dormitories, hospitals and cruise ships around the world are using Orbita card locks.

Think you figured out how to hack an Orbita Hotel Lock? We are looking for you!

We are currently looking for the following items on Orbita card locks:

  • Code execution
  • Command execution
  • Authentication bypass
  • Multiple buffer overflows
  • Directory traversal vulnerability
  • Stack-based buffer overflow


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