OffensiveCon 2018 Binary Challenge

SSD’s Collaboration with OffensiveCon 2018 challenge was published on March 2018.

During OffensiveCon 2018, SSD launched a reverse engineering and encryption challenge to try and gave the attendees the change to win great prizes.The challenge was divided into two parts, a file that you had to download and reverse engineer and server that you had to access to have a running version of this file.

The challenge could not have been resolved without access to the server as the encryption key that you were supposed to extract was only available in the running version on the server.

First place winner got an all paid, flight and hotel, and entry to our security conference beVX in September 2018, second place prize winner got flight and entry to our security conference and the third place winner got a free entry to our event.

OffensiveCon 2018 challenge GitHub link

Challenge Solution:

The three solutions submitted at the event can be found here.