DefCamp Romania 2016

We recently participated in DefCamp conference Romania. It’s our third time sponsoring this conference (!) and first time to attended.
Because it was the first time participated in person, we also sponsored the CTF competition and of course – we sponsored the flights, conference entry and accommodation to our community security researchers! that attended.
The opening session (November 9th) started with great opening keynote by Noam Rathaus. The lecture drew up his experiences in vulnerability research, Noam lectured about the complexity of the vulnerability report process.
After the opening keynote, we welcomed many of you security and vulnerability researchers in our booth at the Hacking Village to answer your questions and provide information about the SSD project and how it can help you to more easily report vulnerabilities and get paid for them.
On the second day we were given the honor to announce the CTF winning teams and awarded the prizes!
We sponsor the CTF competition with great love – as it is our way to give back to the security researchers community.
We gave the following prizes to these great teams:

  • 1st – scryptos (Japan) – 1500€
  • 2nd – CS16 (Poland) – 1000€
  • 3rd – DCUA (Ukraine) – 500€

We also conducted two (2) workshops on “Fuzzing” during the conference and gave an interview to DefCamp’s staff which was later posted on their conference web site.
We found the whole conference experience amazing – which was privilege for us to be able to attend and sponsor DefCamp 2016. Especially since it allowed us to be part of the ‘international’ community of security researchers.


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