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SSD Advisory – Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Use After Free

Vulnerability Summary A use-after-free vulnerability exists in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which allows attackers execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the current user. CVE CVE-2019-7805 Credit An independent Security Researcher has reported this vulnerability to SSD Secure Disclosure program. Affected systems Product Track Affected Versions Platform Acrobat DC Continuous 2019.010.20100 and earlier versions Windows […]

SSD Advisory – Chrome AppCache Subsystem SBX by utilizing a Use After Free

Vulnerabilities Summary The vulnerability exists in the AppCache subsystem in Chrome Versions 69.0 and before. This code is located in the privileged browser process outside of the sandbox. The renderer interacts with this subsystem by sending IPC messages from the renderer to the browser process. These messages can cause the browser to make network requests, […]

SSD Advisory – Linux Kernel AF_PACKET Use After Free (packet_sock)

Vulnerability Summary UAF vulnerability in Linux Kernel’s implementation of AF_PACKET leads to privilege escalation. AF_PACKET sockets allow users to send or receive packets on the device driver level, which lets them implement their own protocol on top of the physical layer or sniffing packets including Ethernet and higher levels protocol and higher levels of the […]


漏洞概要 以下安全公告描述了在Linux内核中发现的一个UAF漏洞,成功利用此漏洞的攻击者可以提升权限。漏洞存在于Netlink 套接字子系统 – XFRM. Netlink用于在内核和用户空间进程之间传输信息。 它由用户空间进程的标准基于套接字的接口和内核模块的内部内核API组成。 漏洞提交者 一位独立的安全研究员Mohamed Ghannam向Beyond Security的SSD报告了该漏洞 厂商响应 该漏洞已在补丁1137b5e中被修复(“ipsec:修复中止xfrm策略转储崩溃”) CVE: CVE-2017-16939

SSD安全公告–Linux内核AF_PACKET 释放后重用漏洞

漏洞概要 以下安全公告描述了在Linux内核的AF_PACKET中存在的一个UAF漏洞,成功利用该漏洞可能导致权限提升。 AF_PACKET套接字”允许用户在设备驱动层发送或者接收数据包”。例如,用户可以在物理层之上实现自己的协议,或者嗅探包含以太网或更高层协议头的数据包。 漏洞提交者 一名独立的安全研究人员发现并向 Beyond Security 的 SSD 报告了该漏洞。 厂商响应 更新一 CVE:CVE-2017-15649 “该漏洞很可能已经通过以下方式修复了: packet: 重新绑定fanout hook时保持绑定锁定 – http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/813945/ 与此相关,但未合并的是 packet:在packet_do_bind函数中,使用bind_lock测试fanout – http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/818726/ 我们验证了在v4.14-rc2上不会触发该漏洞,但在第一次commit(008ba2a13f2d)上测试成功。”

SSD Advisory – Linux Kernel XFRM Privilege Escalation

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes a Use-after-free vulnerability found in Linux kernel that can lead to privilege escalation. The vulnerability found in Netlink socket subsystem – XFRM. Netlink is used to transfer information between the kernel and user-space processes. It consists of a standard sockets-based interface for user space processes and an internal kernel […]