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SSD Advisory – iOS Jailbreak via Sandbox Escape and Kernel R/W leading to RCE

Introduction: Each year, as part of TyphoonCon; our All Offensive Security Conference, we are offering cash prizes for vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques found. At our latest hacking competition: TyphoonPwn 2019, an independent Security Researcher demonstrated three vulnerabilities to our team which were followed by our live demonstration on stage. The Researcher was awarded an amazing […]

SSD Advisory – iOS powerd Uninitialized Mach Message Reply to Sandbox Escape and Privilege Escalation

(This advisory follows up on a vulnerability provided in Hack2Win Extreme competition, that won the iOS Privilege Escalation category in our offensive security event in 2018 in Hong Kong – come join us at TyphoonCon – June 2019 in Seoul for more offensive security lectures and training) Vulnerabilities Summary The following advisory describes security bugs […]

SSD Advisory – iOS/macOS Safari Sandbox Escape via QuartzCore Heap Overflow

Vulnerabilities Summary QuartzCore ( https://developer.apple.com/documentation/quartzcore ), also known as CoreAnimation, is a framework use by macOS and iOS to build an animatable scene graph. CoreAnimation uses a unique rendering model where the grapohics operations are run in a separate process. On macOS, the process is WindowServer and on iOS the name is backboardd. Both of […]

SSD Advisory – Chrome AppCache Subsystem SBX by utilizing a Use After Free

Vulnerabilities Summary The vulnerability exists in the AppCache subsystem in Chrome Versions 69.0 and before. This code is located in the privileged browser process outside of the sandbox. The renderer interacts with this subsystem by sending IPC messages from the renderer to the browser process. These messages can cause the browser to make network requests, […]

SSD安全公告 – Mac OS X 10.12隔离机制绕过漏洞

漏洞概要 Mac OS X存在一个漏洞,该漏洞允许攻击者绕过Apple的隔离机制,不受任何限制执行任意JavaScript代码. 漏洞提交者 来自WeAreSegment的安全研究者Filippo Cavallarin向Beyond Security的SSD报告了该漏洞. 厂商响应 苹果公司已于2017年6月27日收到了我们的报告,并和我们进行了多次沟通。苹果公司通知我们,在即将发布的High Sierra操作系统中会修补这个漏洞。这之后,苹果公司再没有提供任何其他信息 – 既没有链接公告,也没有提供关于CVE编号分配的任何信息. 我们已经验证在Mac OS X High Sierra中已不存在该漏洞。对于该漏洞的解决办法是升级到Mac OS X High Sierra,或者移除rhtmlPlayer.html文件修复该漏洞.

SSD Advisory – Mac OS X 10.12 Quarantine Bypass

Vulnerability summary Mac OS X contains a vulnerability that allows bypassing of the Apple Quarantine and the execution of arbitrary JavaScript code without any restrictions. Credit A security researcher from WeAreSegment, Filippo Cavallarin, has reported this vulnerability to Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program. Vendor response Apple has been notified on the 27th of June […]