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SSD Secure Disclosure

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SSD Advisory – Fortigate DHCP Stored XSS

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes a Stored XSS Vulnerability found in Fortinet’s Fortigate Firewall(FortiOS) via an unauthenticated DHCP packet. CVE CVE-2019-6697 Credit An independent Security Researcher, Toshitsugu Yoneyama, has reported this vulnerability to SSD Secure Disclosure program. Affected systems FortiOS v6.0.4 build 0231. Vendor Response Fortigate has fixed the vulnerability in FortiOS version 6.2.2 […]

SSD安全公告-Sophos XG从未经身份验证的存储型XSS漏洞到Root访问

漏洞概要 以下安全公告描述了在Sophos XG 17中发现的一个存储型XSS漏洞,成功利用该漏洞可以获取root访问。 Sophos XG防火墙“全新的控制中心为用户的网络提供前所未有的可视性。可以获得丰富的报告,还可以添加Sophos iView,以便跨多个防火墙进行集中报告。“

SSD Advisory – Sophos XG from Unauthenticated Persistent XSS to Unauthorized Root Access

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes an unauthenticated persistent XSS that leads to unauthorized root access found in Sophos XG version 17. Sophos XG Firewall “provides unprecedented visibility into your network, users, and applications directly from the all-new control center. You also get rich on-box reporting and the option to add Sophos iView for centralized […]