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SSD Advisory – Coredy CX-E120 Repeater Multiple Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities Summary The following advisory describes two (2) vulnerabilities found in Coredy CX-E120 Repeater. The Coredy CX-E120 WiFi Range Extender is “a network device with multifunction, which can be using for increasing the distance of a WiFi network by boosting the existing WiFi signal and enhancing the overall signal quality over long distances. An extender […]

SSD安全公告–Ametys CMS未经身份验证

漏洞概要 下面我们将描述在Ametys CMS 4.0.2版本中发现的密码重置漏洞。 Ametys是一个免费的开源内容管理系统(CMS),它基于JSR-170存储内容,有公开的小工具和一个面向xml的框架。 漏洞提交者 一位独立的安全研究人员—何塞·路易斯(Jose Luis),向Beyond Security的SSD报告了该漏洞。 厂商响应 Ametys已经发布了修补该漏洞的补丁-Ametys CMS 4.0.3 获取更多细节:https://issues.ametys.org/browse/RUNTIME-2582