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SSD Advisory – Intel Windows Graphics Driver Out of Bounds Read Denial of Service

Introduction Since 2014, Intel is dominating the PC market as the leading graphics chip vendor worldwide with ~70% market share. With this overwhelming amount of units, any vulnerabilities found are bound to make an impact. Read below on how our team gained system access using an Intel’s graphics driver privilege escalation vulnerability. System access vulnerabilities […]

SSD Advisory – Oracle Java and Apache Xerces PDF/Docx Server Side DoS

Vulnerabilities Summary The following advisory describes two (2) vulnerabilities found in Oracle Java JDK/JRE ( and previous versions) packages and Apache Xerces (2.11.0) The vulnerabilities are: Oracle JDK/JRE Concurrency-Related Denial of Service java.net.URLConnection (with no setConnectTimeout) Concurrency-Related Denial of Service Credit An independent security researcher has reported this vulnerability to Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure […]