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SquirrelMail – Incoming e-Mails Stored XSS

Abstract SquirrelMail allows to display HTML messages provided that non-safe fragments are redacted. An input sanitization vulnerability that can be exploited to perform stored cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks has been discovered. A remote attacker can send a specially crafted e-mail containing malicious HTML and execute arbitrary JavaScript code in the context of the vulnerable webmail […]

SSD Advisory – MDaemon Mail Server Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities SummaryThe following advisory describes two XSS vulnerabilities found in MDaemon Mail Server which lets attackers send emails with malicious payloads and run client side code on victim’s browsers just by opening an email. CVECVE-2019-8983CVE-2019-8984 CreditAn independent security researcher, Zhong Zhaochen, has reported this vulnerability to SSD Secure Disclosure program.

SSD Advisory – Cisco ISE Unauthenticated XSS to Privileged RCE

Vulnerabilities Summary Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) contains three vulnerabilities that when exploited allow an unauthenticated attacker to achieve root privileges and execute code remotely. The first is a Stored Cross Site Scripting file upload vulnerability that allows the attacker to upload and execute html pages on victims browser. The second is an already known […]

SSD Advisory – SME Server Unauthenticated XSS To Privileged Remote Code Execution

Vulnerabilities Summary The following advisory describes a vulnerability in SME Server 9.2, which lets an unauthenticated attackers perform XSS attack that leads to remote code execution as root. SME Server is a Linux distribution for small and medium enterprises by Koozali foundation. CVE CVE-2018-18072 Credit An independent security researcher, Karn Ganeshen has reported this vulnerability […]


漏洞概要 以下安全公告描述了在Endian防火墙5.0.3版本中存在的一个存储型XSS漏洞,成功利用该漏洞可造成远程代码执行。 Endian防火墙是一个“专注Linux安全的发行版本,,它是一个独立的,统一的安全管理操作系统。 Endian防火墙基于强化的Linux操作系统。” 漏洞提交者 一位独立的安全研究者向 Beyond Security 的 SSD 报告了该漏洞 厂商响应 厂商已经发布针对该漏洞的补丁。获取更多信息: https://help.endian.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012996087

SSD Advisory – Endian Firewall Stored From XSS to Remote Command Execution

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes a stored cross site scripting that can be used to trigger remote code execution in Endian Firewall version 5.0.3. Endian Firewall is a “turnkey Linux security distribution, which is an independent, unified security management operating system. The Endian Firewall is based on a hardened Linux operating system.” Credit An […]

SSD Advisory – HPE Baseline Smart Gig SFP 24 Switch Pre-authentication Stored XSS

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes an unauthenticated stored XSS in the HPE Baseline Smart Gig SFP 24 / 3Com Baseline Switch 2924 SFP Plus Switch. The vulnerability affect versions: Software Version: 01.00.10 Boot version: Hardware Version: 01.01.0a “On April 12, 2010, Hewlett-Packard completed the acquisition of 3Com. Since the acquisition, 3Com has been […]

SSD Advisory – Skype For Business XSS

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes an XSS vulnerability found in Skype for Business. Credit An independent security researcher has reported this vulnerability to Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program. Vendor response The vendor has released patches to address this vulnerability and has only provided these details in response to our query on the status: […]