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SSD Advisory – Intel Windows Graphics Driver Buffer Overflow to Privilege Escalation

IntroductionSince 2014, Intel is dominating the PC market as the leading graphics chip vendor worldwide with ~70% market share. With this overwhelming amount of units, any vulnerabilities found are bound to make an impact. Read below on how our team gained system access using an Intel’s graphics driver privilege escalation vulnerability. System access vulnerabilities and […]

SSD Advisory – VxWorks RPC Buffer Overflow

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes a vulnerability found in the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) component of the VxWorks real-time Opearting System, which suffers from a buffer overflow, this buffer overflow can be exploited to cause the component to execute arbitrary code. CVE CVE-2019-9865 Credit An independent Security Researcher, Yu Zhou, has reported this vulnerability […]

SSD Advisory – Python Bytecode Disassembler and Decompiler (pycdc) Multiple Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities summary The following advisory describes 12 (twelve) vulnerabilities found in Python Bytecode Disassembler and Decompiler (pycdc). Python Bytecode Disassembler and Decompiler (pycdc) “aims to translate compiled Python byte-code back into valid and human-readable Python source code. While other projects have achieved this with varied success, Decompyle++ is unique in that it seeks to support […]

SSD Advisory – Livebox Fibra (Orange Router) Multiple Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities Summary The following advisory describes four (4) vulnerabilities found in Livebox Fibra router version AR_LBFIBRA\_sp- It is possible to chain the vulnerabilities into remote code execution. The “Livebox Fibra” router is “manufactured by Arcadyan for Orange and Jazztel in Spain” The vulnerabilities found in Arcadyan routers are: Unauthenticated configuration information leak Hard-coded credentials Memory […]

SSD Advisory – Kingsoft Antivirus/Internet Security 9+ Privilege Escalation

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes a kernel stack buffer overflow that leads to privilege escalation found in Kingsoft Antivirus/Internet Security 9+. Kingsoft Antivirus “provides effective and efficient protection solution at no cost to users. It applies cloud security technology to monitor, scan and protect your systems without any worrying. The comprehensive defender and anti-virus […]

SSD安全公告-QNAP QTS未经认证的远程代码执行漏洞

漏洞概要 以下安全公告描述了QNAP QTS的一个内存损坏漏洞,成功利用该漏洞会造成QNAP QTS 4.3.x和4.2.x版本(包括4.3.3.0299)未经验证的远程代码执行。 威联通科技(QNAP Systems, Inc)专注于为企业,中小型企业,SOHO和家庭用户提供文件共享,虚拟化,存储管理和监控应用的网络解决方案。 QNAP QTS是标准的智能NAS操作系统,支持所有文件共享,存储,备份,虚拟化和多媒体QNAP设备。

SSD Advisory – Huawei P8 wkupccpu debugfs Kernel Buffer Overflow

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes a buffer overflow found in Huawei P8 Lite ALE-21 HI621sft, operating system versions EMUI 3.1 – wkupccpu debugfs driver. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is “a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company, it is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world and the second largest smartphone manufacturer […]

SSD Advisory – QNAP QTS Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes a memory corruption vulnerability that can lead to an unauthenticated remote code execution in QNAP QTS versions 4.3.x and 4.2.x, including the QNAP Systems, Inc. “specializes in providing networked solutions for file sharing, virtualization, storage management and surveillance applications to address corporate, SMB, SOHO and home user needs. […]